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Become an instant RC legend by joining the Car Action Team:

Have you ever been flipping through the pages ofRC Car Actionor checking out our latest video online and thought "I could do that!" Well,here's your chance to vwin体育滚球prove it—and in the process have a shot at snagging some cool RC vehicles and gear,plus bragging rights and the everlasting admiration (or jealousy!) of your friends.If you are into taking quality videos and photos of your latest vwin体育滚球project,trail run or insane stunt,we want you!Are you into documenting your builds,reporting the latest scoop on races and vwin虚拟足球events?If so you may beTeam RCCAmaterial.Of course,we're looking for your own original,unpublished content,but if you have what it takes here are a few of the perks:

Contributors will receive:

Free Membership toBOOST—RC Car Action's premium membership site

vwin体育滚球Proven content providers ear opportunities to receive free vehicles and gear for review

The chance to get published onBOOSTor in the pages ofRC Car Action

If you want to take a shot at being an RCCA contributor,send us your idea or tackle one of the topics we are always on the look-out for:

When you're ready,submit here:RCCAcontributor@airage.com

Sample Article Topics

vwin体育滚球Project builds: Got a dream truck or super-scale rig?Video it!Photograph it!Send us the history behind it,how you did it,what you're going to do next.

Repairs and upgrade how-tos: Figured out a genius fix for a busted part or a better design for a vwin体育滚球problem area?We want to know about it.

Scale detail techniques: Have the skill to take a truck to the next level?Share your wisdom!

vwin虚拟足球Events: Headed to a race or a scale competition?Bring your camera or even just your iPhone if you have a good eye!Take notes,video the highlights;grab a quick interview a racer if you can,and send us what you get.

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